Strata Audits

Strata and Owners Corporations Audits

Independent Audits is committed to providing quality strata audits in a cost effective manner. Click ‘Instant Quote’ for a cost proposal to present to the strata committee.


We at iA are here to assist the committee in discharging your responsibilities and to provide you with peace of mind that your audit has been completed by a qualified, experienced independent audit professional.

Value for Money
We at iA strive to be the most cost effective body corporate auditors in Qld and NSW.
We continually work to reduce our costs which in turn reduces the cost to you.
You can use the below instant quote tool to satisfy your obligation to assess whether you have received your audit services at a competitive price.  

Confidence and Peace of Mind
When you have an AGM deadline you can rely on iA to provide your audit report on time and without any surprises.
We will provide:
• Audit Report On Time – provided we have access to all documentation and reasonable notice to complete the audit.
• No Surprises – All audit issues will be discussed and agreed before the final audit report is produced.

Audit Quality

iA is dedicated to audit quality so that you have peace of mind with what is reported in your financial statements.

We achieve this through:
Experience – We are experts in the Strata field having audited body corporates for over ten years.
Recognised Professional – iA is a member of the Certified Practising Accountants of Australia (the largest industry accounting body in Australia) and a CPA certified Practice.

Latest Technology – Our audit work is built upon Caseware, a highly adaptive electronic audit technology used in over 130 countries around the world.

Audit Director Involvement – At iA the audit director takes a hands on approach with every audit. Additionally, the audit director is fully aware of all aspects of your body corporate and can attend your AGM and answer your questions directly.


The way we achieve quality audits that provide value for money is through an innovative approach to how we do business.

We achieve this by:

Focus on Key Risks – Having conducted strata audits over many years, we know where the key risks are and we focus on them. We don’t waste time or effort on areas that don’t provide any value to the audit for us or for you.

Electronic Processes – We conduct our audit processes as much as possible by electronic means. We use electronic audit software and utilise the electronic features of the strata manager’s systems.

Produce Electronic Reports – Just as our work papers are electronic, so too are our reports. This provides efficient transmission of reports to interested parties and makes it easier to meet deadlines.